Xtreme recently released a series of 270mm twin organic clutches to suit a variety of late Falcons & Commodores.  The ever-popular platforms are continually being pushed further in terms of huge power levels, and the stock clutch has its limits.  There was high demand for a clutch that was streetable but could hold a significant increase in torque capacity while maintaining street driveability - thus, the 270mm twin was developed.

This clutch is deal for high horsepower applications where maintaining driveability is the major focus. Pedal feel is slightly heavier than standard, but not as heavy as many competitor HD single plate clutches.

All kits come with flywheel, clutch assembly, CSC, aligning tool, spigot bearing and crankshaft bolts where required for a smooth hassle free install.

And if you plan on pushing the limits further?  No problems! Xtreme also offer a series of track focused 230mm ceramic/carbon options capable of holding 1000+whp.