Many new 4x4 vehicle owners find braking performance sub par, especially when towing or after having larger rims and tyres fitted.

Using a VDJ200 Landcruiser and PX Ranger as test mules, we tried many different pad & rotor combos in order to find the best real-world performing brake setup. The focus was on what we always look for in a well rounded setup: good cold bite, consistency in feel & response throughout temperature range, low dust/noise levels and component longevity. Our end goal was to have a package that was just as home doing the shopping run as it was doing an emegency high speed stop, inspiring confidence and safety for the driver.

We understand there are a lot of products out there to choose from, and we have tried most of them as part of our continually evolving range to bring you the best products on the market. Simply tell us your priorities and budget and we will be happy to tailor a package to suit your needs.


As the popularity of performance modifications for 4x4’s continue to rise, clutch upgrades are becoming a necessity. We can offer a number of different options when upgrading, depending on your requirements and power/torque levels.

Using a VDJ78 Landcruiser as an example, upgrading to a heavy duty clutch results in not only a higher performance clutch pressure plate & drive plate, but also a much nicer pedal feel over the much maligned OEM “spongy” feel.

For those wanting even more from their clutch, there may be extra heavy duty options available. These may include flywheel upgrades, pressure plate and/or drive plate upgrades, and also slave cylinder modifications to retain a reasonable pedal feel and good release characteristics. This is only recommended in high torque applications and may not be suitable for all driver tastes. Our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a suitable option.